Monday 31 October 2011

Sugar's Ribs, Chattanooga, Tennessee

On route to Nashville, we took a pit-stop in Chattanooga. My father wanted to visit the Chattanooga Choo Choo and I simply wanted somewhere to stretch my legs and eat. So we headed to Sugar’s Ribs, an award-winning BBQ joint just off the highway.

According to the numerous signs along the highway, Sugar's is just off the exit however we seemed to keep missing it or being on the wrong side of the road with a double-line separating us from the restaurant, but eventually we made it. We sat outside on the balcony with a view over Chattanooga, the freeway and the local goats.

Having learnt from our previous meals, we ordered significantly less food and managed to sample various menu items without stuffing ourselves.

I order a rib-burger mini-q (baby sandwich) and a chicken mini-q whilst Dad go the ribs with coleslaw and mac & cheese to share.

Rib-burger: smokey flavour and moist juicy meat

Chicken mini-q: well seasoned but a little dry for my taste

Ribs - meat was "fall off the bone" tender

Mac & cheese - creamy but not too rich, just the right portion size

Coleslaw: Dad loved it, I didn't (a little too bitter for my taste)

Sugar's also provide a variety of bbq sauces (i.e. Carolina style, Tennessee style etc) so you can season to taste as desired. My favourite was the Tenessee Sweet & Goopey although all were great.

We were both very pleased with our pit-stop and we both knew that it was to be the first of many BBQ meals on our road-trip.

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  1. Well I hope that some time I come to the area and get some of the sauce and other products for my house as well. Will let you know if I have a plan of coming there.


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