Wednesday 22 June 2011

The perils of travelling solo - the Fat Duck

I have started to plan ahead some of my trip to the UK and have started to make reservations for the key restaurants on my list.

Unfortunately, the Fat Duck has a minimum table size of two people.

So to my friends, relatives and other avid foodies: anyone free in late August for lunch at the Fat Duck?


  1. did you go? did you find someone to go with? was it worth it? in same situation for summer of 2014 just wondering if i should try to find someone to go with

    1. Hi,

      No, I decided against it. If Alinea could happily seat a table for one, I decided not to support the Fat Duck. I understand a table for one takes up the same space as a two-top and restaurants want to maximise profits, but if they didn't want me as a solo, I wasn't interested.


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