Monday 26 September 2011


The next port of call on our cruise was Belize City. Determined to see some authentic part of Central America, rather than just beaches and US-owned themed restaurants, we elected to take a cruise on the River Wallace and a tour of the Mayan ruins at Altun Ha.

After being warned that the bus and river rides in Belize are very rocky, Laina and I both took Dramamine to ensure we wouldn't get sick. The unfortunate side effect, however, is overwhelming drowsiness.

After boarding our long boat for the trip up river, waves of sleep began to overtake me. Thankfully, our new friend, Jared, took plenty of photos for us.

Throughout the boat ride, we saw plenty of wildlife including dolphins, crocodiles, monkeys and various birds. Actually, more accurately, I should say everyone else on the boat saw the wildlife as I was asleep for most of the trip.

One of the many birds along the river

Asleep due to the dramamine

A Belizian crocodile staring at a boatload full of tourists for lunch

Still asleep

After about 2 hours heading upstream, we stopped for a traditional lunch of chicken, rice and beans before heading to the ruins at Altun Ha. Again, I slept on the bus. Snapping out of my daze upon arrival, we spent about an hour at the site, climbing the ruins and learning about the Mayan people.

Michael, Laina, myself and Jared atop the main building

Side view of the main building

After the ruins, it was time to return to the port by bus in order to make the last tender back to the cruise ship. Thankfully, because we had booked through Carnival, they held the tender for us even though we were running very late and were some of the last ones to reboard the cruise ship.

Time to wake up

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