Wednesday 28 September 2011

Roatan, Honduras

The third port of call was Roatan, Honduras. Today, we behaved exactly like the stereotype of tourists that I hate.

We walked off the boat and headed to the port (owned by Carnival), spent the day at the beach (owned by Carnival) and drank frozen cocktails at Fat Tuesdays. There was nothing adventurous, nothing insightful and we saw nothing of the real Honduras. As much as I'm ashamed, it was a wonderful day and exactly what we needed.

Laina and I were both exhausted. We had been tearing up the karaoke bar and dance club on the boat four nights in a row and a lazy day was just what was needed. It seemed that our new boat-friends had the same idea so the six of us spent the day together.

The Carnival-owned chairlift

The Gang: Gabe, Breanne, Tristen, Mike, myself and Laina

After some nachos and too many frozen cocktails, we headed back to the port and hit the duty-free shop ($15 of a bottle of Kalhua) before heading onto the boat.

Laina and I at the Carnival-owned port heading back to the boat

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