Saturday 21 May 2011

Borough Market, London

On route to the Tower of London, I passed through the Borough Market and decided it was the perfect location to grab an early lunch.

The market stocks are wide variety of fresh produce, meats and cheeses together with baked goods and meals to go. A selection of the goodies on sale.......

For lunch I decided to sample something I've never eaten before, wild boar sausage. I ordered a small size which was served with salad, homemade pepper sauce, and onions. The sausage was very nice, full flavoured but not gamey. The bread was quite dry and I left it uneaten.

For dessert, I had one piece of baklava which was divine.

I also decided to buy a snack for the afternoon (pictured below). I did not enjoy these at all as I found the texture too doughy and they were discarded after one small bite.

Overall, the Borough Market was highly enjoyable; it is a great spot to buy produce if you were a local, as well as being a good option for lunch on the go.

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