Saturday 21 May 2011

Wahaca, Soho

My cousin Phil and I headed to Wahaca in Soho for some drinks and dinner. We were advised that the wait for the table was about one hour so we headed to the downstairs bar for a couple of tequila mojitos and to catch up and talk of home.

Wahaca reminded me of a Mexican Wagamamas - similar style of service and presentation. I was pleased to see that the food was more authentic Mexican than the cheese and sour cream loaded nachos so commonly found at other restaurants.

Phil took charge of the ordering and we sampled a few items from the street food menu:

Chicken guajillo tosado (unfortunately the photo is fuzzy).
This was my favourite for the night. There was a good mix
of flavours and textures and just the right amout of heat.

Tender chicken taquitos with lancashire
cheese and tomato salsa - very tasty but the tortilla
was a dominate flavour which overpowered the chicken a little

Black bean tostadas with avocado salsa, crema,
lancashire cheese and tomato salsa - tasted like summer

Tender chicken tacos in a chipotle sauce - simple
flavours done well with a bit of kick

Pork pilbi tacos with yucatecan
marinade- again, simple but good

We finished the meal with anejo tequila that is sipped like whiskey (rather than taken as a shot) before walking to Oxford Circus tube station to depart on separate lines.

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  1. I guess my ideas on British food are a bit out of date. I'll just have to go there and see for myself!


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