Monday 23 May 2011

Shoreditch, London

I met my cousin, Phil, at Islington before heading off to explore the markets at Shoreditch for the morning before taking the Eurostar to Paris.

We first walked through the flower markets and it was amazing to see the variety of flowers (and low prices) compared to Australia.

We continued walking through the area sampling the various street food/market items on offer including almond crossaints, tropical fruit juices, coffee and my favourite, a salt beef bagel.

According to my sources, there are two establishments specialising in salt beef bagels on Brick Lane, located approximately two doors down from each other. My cousin recommended that we visit Brick Lane Bakery and we shared a bagel with salt beef, mustard and pickles. It was great - full of flavour, tender beef and tasted like New York.

My half of the bagel

I then headed to Paris where I was met by my cousins, Alexis and Edith. I spent the evening settling into Paris (including trying to put together a family tree) and was welcomed with a home-cooked French dinner followed by the greatest cheese board I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

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