Saturday 13 August 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

I have fallen in love with Copenhagen. Granted it was summer (although the weather was colder than the winter back home) and the sun was out for one of my three days, but it is a very very liveable city and quite beautiful.


Another girl in my hostel room, Marta, and I became fast friends and we spent our time in Copenhagen touring together. Being an architecture student, Marta shared her knowledge and showed me a side of Copenhagen that I wouldn't have seen otherwise including visits to the Danish Architecture Centre and Danish Design Centre.

The exterior of the public library (nicknamed the "Black Pearl")

Outside the library are deck chairs for views of the canals, perfect for an ice-cream break

Marta and I covered all of the major tourist sites, including Tivoli Gardens, the new harbour, the palaces and city halls and of course, the Little Mermaid. I have heard so many people complain about how small the statue was and what a letdown she is, so my expectations were low. So low in fact, that they were exceeded and I thought she was quite beautiful. Although I prefer Disney's ending to the story rather than the original version, the statue itself is worth a visit.

After surviving on Thai food and hotdogs (more on that in another post), Marta and I decided that it was time to try some local food so we headed to Skipperkroen at Nyhavn and both ordered a sample platter containing fried plaice, roast beef, remoulade, marinated herring, chicken salad, cheese, salad and an assortment of breads.

Marta and I at Skipperkroen

A lot of the stereotypes that one hears about Copenhagen are true: everyone speaks English, the women are beautiful, no-one is overweight, the people are so kind and helpful to tourists and it is a stunning city.

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