Tuesday 30 August 2011

Wing Supreme, Takoma Park

With Hurricane Irene quickly closing in, I decided to quickly grab some dinner before bunkering down. A few hundred metres from my hostel, was Wing Supreme selling, well, wings and other assorted sides.

The numerous wing options

They had a huge range of wings available together with shrimp, chicken fingers and other fried foods. I asked the staff to select two flavours of wings for me and left my order in their hands. The result: Caribbean jerk (delicious) and teri-que, a mix of bbq and teriyaki that was too sweet for me.

Caribbean jerk


The interior Wing Supreme is spartan with a few wooden booths; you wouldn't go there for the ambiance. However, the staff were overwhelmingly friendly and I spent over a hour in the restaurant talking to them about Australia, wings and learning their recipe of collard greens.

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