Thursday 28 July 2011

Wachau Valley, Austria

Austrian wine is slowly making a comeback on the international stage after the “antifreeze scandal” of 1985, where it was revealed that some winemakers were adding antifreeze to their otherwise inferior wines. I wanted to tour the wine region and decided that a wine-tasting tour run on bicycles would be the perfect option.

In short, the tour was fantastic and a wonderful way to see the Austrian wine region and get out of the city centre. We were taken to three wineries for numerous samples, we rode our bikes through the vineyards and along the Danube, had a lunch of local meats and cheeses in a traditional tavern, toured the town of Durnstein and sampled the local liqueurs and chocolates before returning to Vienna in the early evening.

All in all, a perfect day.

The blue church in Durnstein

The final (and largest) winery: Domain Wachau

The endless variety of chocolates to sample in Durnstein

My bike & I

The view from the tavern where we had lunch

A small sample of the wines we tasted

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